• Coaches at Poland CSD are required to have a current NYS certification in their sport. Coaches are appointed each year before the start of the season. Coaches appointed for upcoming seasons are noted below.


    To inquire about coaching positions at Poland CSD, contact the athletic director by email:  ghaver@polandcsd.org.





     Coach Team  
    FALL Mr. Haver

    B Varsity Soccer

    FALL Mr. Basel

    G Varsity Soccer

    FALL Mr. Potempa

    B JV Soccer

    FALL Mr. Allen

    G JV Soccer

    FALL Mr. Mazzaferro

    B Modified Soccer

    FALL  Mr. Harlander

    G Modified Soccer

    FALL Mrs. Hitt

    Cross Country

    WINTER Mr. Tabor &  Mr. Grimaldi

    B Varsity Basketball

    WINTER Mr. Potempa

    G Varsity Basketball

    WINTER Mr. Mazzaferro

    B JV Basketball

    WINTER Mr. Grimaldi

    B Modified Basketball

    WINTER Mrs. Hitt

    G Modified Basketball

    WINTER Mr. Harlander


    WINTER Mr. Allen

    Indoor Track

    WINTER Mrs. Guarascio


    WINTER Mr. Haver

    Extra-Curricular Bowling