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    The role of the Library Media Specialist in Information Literacy explained here by Mike Eisenberg, former professor at Syracuse University, now Dean Emeritus & Professor University of Washington Information School.
    A wonderful infographic on the importance of school libraries can be found here and an explanation of the infographic here.
    NEW:  librarian's important    Sketchnote by @woodard_julie
    Read about what the role of the school library is in the common core curriculum here.  
    I'd prefer to think of this poster as "100 Things Your Librarian Can Do For YOU", here.
    What should Administrators expect from School Library Media Specialists? Click here to find out!
    What librarian's in Australia do can be found here.
    Take a look at this flow chart on what librarians do.....Originally found here.
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    Awesome article: "Your Hidden Asset: Need an expert to help students meet common core goals? Look to your librarian." ( - Spring 2014) Click here to read it. 
    Another infographic on what teacher-librarians do can be found here.
    Teacher Librarian Roles - a Piktochart here
    10 things you should know about today's librarians, here
    A youtube video on the library of the future...Imagine the Possibilities! 
    Teacher/Librarian Responsibilities Infographic, here
    Libraries and the internet (common craft video) "We love libraries and librarians. We want them to succeed and we made this video to help the public understand how libraries have changed in the Internet Age."
    Graphic: Teacher/Librarians - "What Do We Do?" - here 
    Librarian's Lead the Way in EdTech article 
    Here's a great list of library song parodies! 
    How to tell you're a librarian ---  a humorous list here.
     Tons of links on why you need a librarian, here
    new  Libraries in the Internet Age (a common sense video)
    can do for you      (
    A LibGuide:  "Libraries Transform: The Expert in the Library" here.
     Empowering the Future with "What Do Librarian's Do" page here.
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    10 Reasons Librarians Are More Important Than Ever