How to join:

    Go to the Breakout EDU, they've changed the format for Breakout EDU, it now costs to get updated content. Check their page for more information.


    Intro video: hereanother here



    A screencast about how digital breakouts work. This is how to play them, not how to make them can be found here.


    How to run a BreakoutEDU with one box: here


    Debrief: It's a file called "Post Breakout Reflection", which is located in the sandbox folders: Breakout EDU Games > General Info-Help > Debrief Suggestions/Resources


    Looking for quick 10-15 minute breakouts? Check in the sandbox under "mini breakouts."


    This site has tons of links........


    Are you wanting to make your own BreakoutEDU? Here's a symbaloo of ideas for your clues. And a brainstorming template you'll want to make a copy of here.


    PDFs on directions and an explanationdone by Karen Finklestein, a fellow breakout enthusiast.

    An awesome hyperdoc created by Tracy Poelzer here!


    Someone made a manual to circulate with her kits, check it out here.


    Breakout Symbaloo here and another here

    amazing Join the Facebook group called Breakout EDU!


    Don't forget to check out digital breakouts! My page of links is here.