• These resources are available to students and teachers both in school and at home. They are provided by the New York State Library, our area School Library System and Poland Central School. Some are free. 

    Those resources that the school provides passwords for, have ** at the end of the description.  Please see Mrs. Sundberg for passwords to access these databases from home.

    online resources
    Click on the icons below to go to the site. 
    •  search One login gets you all the databases and resources we subscribe to! Click here to see a list of resources available. See Mrs. Sundberg for username and password information.** username: pes password: search
    •  snap Online catalog to find videos, audio books, multiple copy book sets, etc. Teachers need to type in their user id's and password. Here is the link for the main page of the BOCES Media Technology Service where you can view the most recent newsletter and sign up for trainings.** username: school login password: media
    •  cider Search for books in local school libraries (including Poland). Patrons are not able to request materials online, see librarian to order materials.
    • midyork Search for materials at local public and academic libraries. If you have a MidYork library card, you may request materials online and access various electronic resources as well.