Supply List



Degrees and Certifications:

Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

 1 Sturdy pair of head phones

A LARGE sized Backpack

 2 BINGO Dabbers (2 different colors please)

1 Composition Notebook (Wide Ruled Please)

1 Pack of Ticonderoga (My First Pencils) The fat ones.


 ******   A zip lock bag with extra clothing including:  underwear, socks, pants and a shirt. Please label with your child’s name.**********



Kindergarten Wish List

This is an optional list:

Clorox wipes   

Gallon size ziploc bags 

Play Doh (lots and lots... :))   

Extra snacks (tub of animal crackers, or pretzels etc…)


AVERY Labels- address and return

A box of soft tissues