Mrs. Brinck's School Supply List

  • Here are the supplies I would like the students to bring to school for 3rd grade:


    -Pencils (I prefer that the students use Ticonderoga pencils.  I know that they are a bit pricey, but they last the longest and stand up to repeated sharpenings.)

    -Cap and/or wedge erasers (You can never have enough of these.)

    -A pencil pouch

    -A hand held pencil sharpener with a cover to collect the shavings

    -Headphones or earbuds for Chromebook use

    -A water bottle

    -Travel size tissues to keep at your desk


    These are the things that I have requisitioned through our school's central supply, so that the students all have the same thing:


    -a folder to go from school to home everyday

    -fine tip washable markers

    -wide tip washable markers


    -colored pencils

    -glue sticks


    This list is subject to change as the school year goes on.  Thank you!