Kindergarten Social Competencies and Future Well-Being

    Report Cards, instructional review and reporting academic skills to paretns are methods to communicate learning progress to paretns and studetns and deine and communicate learning outcomes. Socieal-emotional well being and relationships are an important measure of post-secondary success, too. This is according to an article published in the American Journal of Public Health. Researchers noted a significant relationship betweem social competencies that kindergarten teacher observed and reported and how the students reported their success as adults.  More information about some of the skills studied in the research is explained in full here.


    These 5 critical skills are deemed particularly important:

    1) How to play well with others;

    2) How to problem-solve;

    3) How to label and recognize feelingsl

    4) How to be helpful;

    5) How to control impulses.


    Each of these skills are explained in greater detail by author A. Morgan in the article above.