• The Arts

    Poland School District is committed to ensuring that every child has an opportunity to create, perform, experience, and learn about the arts in many forms. Through a variety of music and art course offerings and Poland Drama Club for ggrades 6-12, students participate in performance-based tasks designed to promote creativity, develop problem-solving skills, imagination, and ingenuity. Study of the arts encourages students to view the world through a variety of lenses while fostering their ability to communicate, collaborate, express ideas, for the 21st century.


    New York State Learning Standards for the Arts: 

    Standard 1:  Creating Performing and Participating in the Arts

    Standard 2:  Knowing and Using Arts Materials

    Standard 3:  Responding To and Analyzing Works of Art

    Standard 4:  Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts


    Next Generation Learning Standards and the Arts

    Fine and Performing Arts educators make interdisciplinary connections within their instruction. Throughout the curriculum, teachers cultivate Artistic Behaviors and Skills such as:

    • Self-Reflection

    • Ability to Critique One’s Work and the Work of Others

    • Articulation of Ideas Verbally and in Writing

    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

    • Self-Expression and Development of Personal Meaning 

    • An Understanding of Social, Cultural, Historical, and Contemporary Context 

    • Communication and Collaboration 

    • Creativity and Innovation 

    • Information and Technology Literacy 

    • Productivity, Accountability, and Self-Direction 

    • Leadership and Responsibility

    • Perseverance

    • Abstract and Quantitative Reasoning

    • Construction of Viable Arguments

    • Constructive Critiques of the Reasoning of Others 

    • Strategic and Appropriate Use of Tools

    • Attention to Detail and Precision

    • Recognition and Use of Structure 

    • Recognition and Regularity in Repeated Reasoning