• Sixth-Grade Science

    Curriculum and Expectations


    Goal:  To create a strong understanding of topics involving Earth Science in preparation for middle and high school courses.

    Textbook:  Amplify

    Methods:  Students will be using Amplify Science, in-class notes, PowerPoint presentations, videos, lab experiences, and STEM Projects that follow the curriculum.


    • Plate Motions
    • Rock Transformations
    • Earth, Moon, and Sun
    • Oceans, Atmosphere, and Climate

    Assessments: See Below 


    Grading: The following components will be used to calculate each marking period grade:








    Homework and Participation


    Response Questions


    Warm-Up Activity



    Homework Guidelines: Students will receive homework on a daily basis and should record their assignment(s) in an agenda book.  A running record of incomplete or missed assignments will be kept by the teacher. * Homework may be found on the PCS homepage at www.polandcsd.org.>Student/Parent>Homework Board


    Parent Communication: If a parent would like to contact the teacher this can be done by email or by calling the school and leaving a message on voicemail. (315)826-0200 ext 305 / tzuchowski@polandcsd.org 


    Absences: When a student is absent he/she is responsible for gathering missed work. Parents or students may make arrangements with the middle/high school office or teachers for work to be gathered and delivered to the office in order to be picked up by another individual. If arrangements are not made then missed work will be placed in an envelope found outside the classroom door for the specific student. The student is then responsible for gathering the necessary materials when returning to school from their teacher(s). 



    In the case of an extended medical absence (more than 3 days) confirmed by Mrs. Ozog, a Google Meet will be available for students to join for live instruction during their normal, scheduled class times for ELA and Math classes.

    Social Studies, Science, and “Labs” assignments and information will be posted online at Google Classrooms.   Students will be responsible for checking their Google Classrooms and the 6th grade HW board.