Favorite Sites for Teachers

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    These are some topics that may be of help to you. If there are any other subjects you'd like to see, just let me know! You are able to "subscribe" to this page (see the link at the bottom) and you'll get automatic updates anytime the page is changed. 

     Online stories - requires registration

    teacher tipster

    Check out a Wikispace called HOT and Thinkertools, on Higher Order Thinking with lots of graphic organizers. 

     web tools for kids


    Billed as a site for students who finish their work early, can be used in other ways as well. You'll get lost as will the students. So many links to look at. Includes field trips, audio stories, art, etc.


    You've got to check out this site! What an awesome resource with lots of subjects and tons of links.  Be prepared to spend hours searching through it.

    have fun teaching
    TONS of resources for the classroom. I especially LOVE all the videos that are available to help kids learn concepts!

    web tools 4u2 use
    The wiki above is a lot like the wiki below except it's made by librarians for librarians but teachers may find some interesting "tidbits" there too!

    cool tool for schools

    Teacher Book Wizard TM
    FIND and LEVEL books for students Quick! Easy! Books from all publishers!
    Click here for the virtual tour (or the graphic above to go directly to the site) of Scholastic's new search tool that allows  you to match the "right children's books to your students." FAQ's about theTeacher Book Wizard can be found here . Check it out, it looks to be very helpful with lots of different options available. 


    All Teacher Websites

      Save time, use "Google" to search for results only from teacher-related websites!

    I consider this one of the best sites on the web. It has a list of subjects that include "Make and Take books", templates for teachers, special education and speech therapy. Click here for the list. Her homepage includes "blackwell's best" but also has a "TechTips" and "The Classroom" and "TangiTech" which has loads of information on some of the workshops she's given . Spend some time exploring, I guarantee it'll be one of your favorite bookmarks!


    powerpoint station

    If you haven't seen the link on the homepage for this site, you are missing the most AWESOME site ever! It not only combines themes with powerpoints but includes online activities and some teacher resources. Click on the graphic above to see it. Also included are just powerpoints, by clicking here, you'll get there. And, free clipart that looks like the above character here . Don't forget to look at Greta's Games , another link off this site. Grab a cup of coffee, a sandwich, whatever and be prepared to surf for hours!!!!

    teaching books

    Reader's Theater

    Click on the above picture to get to the TeachingBooks.net website.

    Go to the purple search box in the upper right-hand corner.

    Under QuickSearch, drop down to the desired reading list:
    Reader's Theater  - you'll find over 200 hits!