Student Suggested Links

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      Many students have been asking for links for specific topics lately. Although there are links under grade level sites and holidays, I thought it would be easier to search just for a general topic. This list is in ABC order by subject and the link and the first name and grade of the person who requested it is included. Once the list gets longer, remember the HINT I gave you about searching on a web page (Edit, Find (on this page)) and type your word. It will highlight the word when it finds it on the page. Email or comment on the blog if you have any suggestions


    American Revolution
    Tim D. (5W) wanted some links on the American Revolution. This PBS site has lots of interactive information and even a "Road to Revolution Game" where you test your knowledge! Plus, clickhere for a list of lots of links put out by the website "Kid Info".

    Car Design (Comparison Activity)
    Design your car to be the fastest yet most economical, good for the environment and safe, too. You and a friend can race against each other. Suggested by Mark in 6th grade.  Another site to design your own car, here.
    Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

    A list of websites for Choose Your Own Adventure stories by ELL teacher, Larry Ferlazzo can be found here.

    Comic Creator
    Kyle G. (6th Grade) asked for a comic creator and most of the programs on the web require a download. This one in particular doesn't but is limiting to the background and characters. Make a basic one, print it then you can draw your own backgrounds if you want. You can have as little as 2 panels up to 5 panels. (Remember your AUP if you work on this at school.) Click here for another site called Professor Garfield that allows you to make your own Garfield comic. You need to log into the site to do this.

    We've been talking about cybersafety lately so here's a few links you might want to check out. Get your internet driver's license here  and the ThinkUKnow game here , Safetyland game game for the younger students here . And  here is the Faux Paws. UPDATE: 11/22/09: Check outCybersmart !


    This Scholastic Dolphin page is a list of numerous websites that include "All About Dolphins" to "Dolphin Watch", "In the Tank" and a game. Requested by Hannah and Brianna ~ 6th grade and Sierra ~ 4C.


    Clicking on the word "drawing" will bring you to BillyBear4Kids site that will give you lots of activities to learn how to draw. Plus, there is another website that actually shows you how to draw the picture. Try this one to Requested by Keyshawn ~ 4th Grade

    Fishing for Kids

    John K. (3B) asked that I find a fishing site for him. Try this easy, online book that explains about fishing, tackle and tips. Here's another site sponsored by ProBass Networks with more information. UPDATE:  7/1/10 Here's a fishing game you can try. I got 19 fish on my first time, how about you?

    Guess What I Am
    Third grade wanted this link on the website. There are clues for 10 levels and you're suppose to click on the picture you think is the answer. Watch the reason for ones you get wrong to help you choose the right one! Good Luck!
    This website has games, stories, links and quizzes on horses. (Remember, may not work in school because of the games.) (UPDATE: Click here to find some neat horse coloring pages. Requested by Nicole and Sierra ~ 4th Grade
    I Know That
    This site has lots of thinking activities. It asks you to register but you can 
    say "maybe later" and it will still let you play. Never register for anything without 
    your parents permission! Remember cybersafety? Requested by Devin D. ~ 3rd grade
    Crysten (6th grade) visited Ireland this summer (her 4th visit) and wanted to learn more about it. Click here to find a webpage written by Irish children for students. It's called "Kook Kids of Ireland". They describe their country's history, culture, and pastimes. Read about poetry, traditional stories, and book reports. Click here and you'll find pictures of Ireland, traditions, recipes, history, games and puzzles for kids.
    Magic Tree House

    The Official Website of Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne. It has a game and printable activities along with a list of books and information about the author. Requested by Alyssa.

    Max and Ruby
    Kayleigh, one of our first graders, wanted a book of Max and Ruby. I didn't have one on hand but found this website she might like, click here to go to it (it has games, so may be filtered at school.)
    NASA for Kids

    Jennifer S. in Mrs. Brinck's class also suggested we add NASA for Kids to our site. Find reliable information on space-related topics, as well as games, Web quests, and even chats with NASA experts. Thanks Jennifer. Mrs. S 8-)

    NY State History
    Tim (5W) wanted some Mohawk Valley Civil War sites which is a bit hard to find but click here for some general sites on New York history.

    The art of paper folding is called origami and this site shows videos on how to fold tons of objects from animals to boxes. Check it out here.  Thanks to Tim B. in Miss Page's class for the suggestion!

    The San Diego Zoo has a super website that shows the pandas on a web cam. You might have to keep looking to actually see one but if you do it's awesome. Check the links at the top of the page for "more panda stuff" like photos, videos and blogs. 
    Requested by Priscilla ~ 6th Grade
    Paper Airplanes

    To get the link I've been using for the video on how to fold a paper airplane, click  here .

    Poetry for Kids

    Check out this site by Kenn Nesbitt which is considered to be the most popular children's poetry website on the net. There is also another website by Meadowbrook Press called Giggle Poetry that has lots of funny poems, poetry contests and more! Requested by Courtney ~ 4th grade.

    Libby in 3B wanted some soccer sites (especially one for practice!). Try out Soccer Mania, it has a word search, soccer treats, history, trivia and more.  Here's a site to explain soccer to students in an easy way.
    Alyssa in 6th grade wanted to study more about planets. Click here for a basic site with information. And another one here that has lots of research/information sites along with a list of online activities. The Children's University of Manchester in the United Kingdon has a page called "The Earth and Beyond", click here to look at it. More to come!
    Switchzoo - Create your own mixed-up animals. Take the guided tour in the upper right hand corner to get started.


     Here is a link for a squirrel obstacle course. 

    Superhero-Create your own

    Becca in third grade remembers the Fall Book Fair's theme of Superheroes and wanted the link to design your own. Click here to find it.


    Study your spelling words by creating a wordsearch puzzle! Click here.