• Welcome to the Health Webpage !!!!
    Today, the term Health no longer means just absence of illness.  Instead, Health refers to the overall well-being of your body, your mind, and your relationships with other people.
    Vision:  That all students will value and recognize healthy behaviors, and apply theory to practice theses behaviors now and in their future years.


    • all students are safe, healthy and academically successful
    • all students achieve  or exceed the NYS and National Learning Standards for Health

     How do we get there ?

    • Standards -Based:  All teaching and learning is focused on student achievement of learning standards ( both National and NYS )
    • Skills - Driven:  Students need to learn, practice and apply skills successfully to enhance and maintain personal health and safety
    • Learner - Centered:  Students need to be at the center of learning
    • Strength - Based:  Health education is most effective when it takes a positive approach , building on existing strengths and skills
    • Authentic:  Needs to provide real life learning experiences and personal applications of health knowledge and skills in relevant situations
    Please contact me with any concerns,  phone  826 -0222 and leave a message.  Best times are 7:30 - 7:55
    Email:  sahitt@polandcsd.org
     The homework page is updated along with any quizzes or upcoming exams.  You will need to know what period and section they have Health.