•  Materials needed for Chemistry and Physics:  Notebook (minimum of 70 pages) and a good folder. A supply of pens and/or pencils.   A calculator will be provided.

    This is Mr. Smith's 34th year teaching at PCS. During these years he has taught Regents Physics, Regents Chemistry, Non-regents Physics, Non-regents Chemistry, General Chemistry, Regents Earth Science, Math 7, Math 8 , Science 7, Science 8, ELA lab, Math lab, Astronomy, Calculus lab, Forensic Science and Oceanography.

    Mr. Smith graduated in 1980 from Little Falls High School. He next attended Clarkson University, where he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1984. He completed his undergraduate work in education at Utica College and did his graduate work and completed his Masters Degree through SUNY Cortland.


    To reach me: bsmith@polandcsd.org