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    Mr. Harlander
    Level 1

    Mr. M. Harlander, MA. Ed



    • BS Technology Education - State University of New York at Oswego - 2001
    • MA Educational Curriculum and Technology - University of Phoenix - 2004

    Work Experience

    • 2001 - Red Creek High School - Student Teaching
    • 2001 - Oswego Middle School - Student Teaching 
    • 1/2002 - 6/2002 - Corning Free Academy
    • 9/2002 - Present - Poland Central School
    CLASS SUPPLIES - Since all classes use Google Classroom for Technology Classes at Poland CSD, the supply list for all classes is as follows:
    • Pens and Pencils
    • Brick Erasers
    • Ruler (Imperial and Metric)
    • Protractor
    • Compass
    • Bottle of White Glue
    • Colored Pencils
    • Scissors

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    Technology Education combines the knowledge and skills of Math, Science, Engineering, ELA, and History to create a unique learning experience where students solve real-world problems.
    We believe that Technology Education is:
    • A critical discipline in the delivery of technological literacy, which encourages the use of appropriate technology, develops the ability to solve problems, and creates lifelong learners with 21st century skills.
    • A systems-based approach to utilizing mathematics, science, and technology principles to extend human capabilities.
    • Essential to STEM education through collaboration with physical and life sciences, engineering principles, and mathematics to ensure that emerging science and technologies are integral to education.
    • A body of knowledge delivered by highly qualified teachers who can work collaboratively with other disciplines in education as well as with business and industry. 
    • A course of study that excites students at all levels to learn about the human-made world and their roles in that world.
    • An essential part of general education for ALL students appropriate for all levels, exhibiting authentic inquiry into general technological information for all learning abilities, stressing both career and post-secondary education options to diverse populations, providing relevance and rigor to learning, and enabling interconnectedness of thought, thus closing the achievement gap.
    • A disciplined intellectual experience that stresses the comprehension of technology and its associated impacts on and demands for a technologically literate society.
    • Concrete experiences supporting abstract ideas and concepts to increase not only technological knowledge but also skills and attitudes, creative thinking, and character development.
    • Recognition of technological development as a driving force to ensure:
      • The United States' leadership in technology development,
      • United States citizens will live in a world civilization that understands, assesses, and manages technological systems and devices, and
      • The United States can participate, compete, and contribute to the global economy.
    New York State Technology Education Association