• Welcome to Living Environment!
    This course is a Regents level course, which of course means that students will be taking the Living Environment Regents at the end of it. In order to sit for the exam one must earn 1,200 minutes of lab time. Don't worry - I will help you track your earned minutes. This class is often challenging for those taking it because, for most, this is their first Regents level science course. Together, with your hard work and dedication, the class should prove to be an enriching experience!
    Homework assignments, quizzes, tests, lab due dates, and more are all included in the calendar on my web page. The assignments almost always require the student to submit their responses or reference something posted on Google Classroom. Homework assignments are typically given on Mondays and are due on Thursday of the same week by MIDNIGHT (if on Google Classroom). Please reference the calendar frequently. 
     Welcome to Anatomy & Physiology!
    This course is made possible via  the relationship between Poland CSD and Herkimer County Community College's College Now program. Students enrolled in SC 118: Fundamentals of Human Anatomy and Physiology will receive college credits to begin their college careers. Because it is a college level course, students in the class will find that I run it as closely to a college course experience as I can. There is a textbook that must be read throughout each unit, APA format papers to be written, labs to be completed, and an online platform that requires homework and study modules to be finished. All of these requirements are standard for the college classroom and therefore will be woven into every marking period. 
    Anatomy and Physiology can be a challenging class at any institution. This full year course will provide students with an excellent foundation for further learning in anatomy and physiology, general science, nursing, pharmacology, dentistry, veterinary sciences, radiology, psychology, and any other medical profession one can think of. I do my very best to keep the instruction serious, eye-opening, interesting, and fun!
    Welcome to Field Biology! 
    Field Biology is a full year elective course designed to build students' knowledge of biology through hands-on, project-based assignments. We are outdoors as often as possible, weather permitting! Students gain deeper knowledge in a multitude of areas including: botany, dendrology, hydroponics, soil science, hydrology, ecology, and zoology, to name a few. More so than most courses, consistent attendance is crucial to success in Field Biology because we do work with live specimens, go outdoors for our studies, and spend class time working on the completion of project components. My goals for students enrolled in field biology: be hands-on, expand your thinking, get outdoors, and enjoy nature! 
    Prerequisite: successful completion of Living Environment is required in order to take this course.
    ***The supply list for each of these 3 courses is the same and can be found under "Course Expectations."