• Welcome to the playroom.
    I love this day!  
    What is the Playroom?
          The playroom is a place where a child meets with a Child Associate to play  with toys that are selected and placed to encourage free expression.
          Toys are selected for aggressive play, nurturing, creative, exploring and roll play.          
          A child is chosen to participate through a screening process or by request. (parent permission is always needed)
                   The reasons vary from the need to decrease aggressive behavior to decrease shy and anxious behaviors.
                    A child may need more social skills and better tolerance of others and limits, with less frustration.
                    Sometimes it's a family situation like a death (even of a pet) or separations (even from a move) that has a child finding it
                          difficult to function in a school setting.
             Play is how kids work. So to have a play place to work on these things, it is our hope to build self confidence and a greater interest in school.
                     The child's time in the playroom is confidential... but they can tell, and are encouraged to do so.
     What goes on in the Playroom?
    While in the playroom the child is told "they can do many of the things they like to do".
    They are not judged and are accepted totally, no matter what they've done, where their from, how they look or even smell.
    The play is non directive. The Child Associate reflects on the child's play and acts as a witness, prop and sometimes partner.
    The child chooses the activity. It is the  belief that the child will choose what they need, and they do.