• Welcome to my class page!
    First, let me answer a question about SUPPLIES students will need for each of my classes. It's a short list: One (1) pocket folder (heavier-duty if possible), and something OF YOUR OWN to write with for EVERY class.
    Record Keeping - It is the responsibility of each student to maintain an in-class folder of all completed and graded work, including activities, projects, quizzes and tests. These folders  may be reviewed, from time-to-time, and will be used to verify completion and grade book accuracy.

    (The best way to get me a message is by email, which I check frequently - mkall@polandcsd.org)

    The following are course descriptions for each of my classes:

    Career and Financial Planning (Period 1)

       In this course you will embark on a journey to learn money management strategies as part of the High School Financial Planning Program, sponsored by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) (www.hsfpp.org).

       There’s an old saying,“Most people don’t plan to fail; they just fail to plan.” When it comes to money, this can be doubly true. People without a plan for how and where they want to spend and save their money tend to find that it’s all gone before they know it. During our time together, students will learn how to manage personal spending to meet financial goals. You will also learn about strategies to minimize the impact of financial obstacles.

       Students will explore how spending, saving, and values impact their finances. They will learn how to create goals and make decisions using a six-step process. Using these strategies, you will make your own plan to manage cash flow. You will learn how to set measurable financial goals using a criterion-based decision-making strategy for a major decision. Together we will create a spending plan and outline an action plan to manage spending.

       At the conclusion of this course each students will be presented with a “Certificate of Participation”for the High School Financial Planning Program from the National Endowment for Financial Education

    Sports and Entertainment Marketing (Period 2)

       This course will explore the management principles practiced by successful businesses in the sports and entertainment fields. You will explore the intriguing world of sports and entertainment from the perspective of marketing. This course will cover topics including introduction to marketing, market planning, finance, laws and contracts, human resources, legal and ethical issues, and public relations. You will begin by learning about the four key elements of marketing – the 4-P’s (Product, Price,Place, and Promotion) as well as the seven core marketing standards.

       To add a real-world flavor, your instructor has arranged for this class to be mentored by the owner of a professional sports team (Boston Breakers of the NWSL), who will advise our class throughout the year. We are also working on establishing local relationships with the Utica Comets and the Stanley Theater. In addition, the former manager and trainer of Matt Hamill of Mohawk Valley MMA, has agreed to open his doors for a field trip later in the year.


    Business Law (Period 4)

       In this course, students will study true situations that show how business and personal law impact not only business, but the lives of young people and adults as well. You will learn how to analyze legal situations and ethical issues and to think critically about evidence.You will study actual business and personal law cases and apply what you have learned to your own experiences and that of your friends and family. You will find Business Law to be one of your most valuable subjects.

       Topics include, but are not limited to, Ethics in our laws, the Court system, Constitutional rights, Criminal law, Personal injury law, Fundamental of contracts, sales contracts and other contractual situations including employment contracts, Real property and forms of Ownership, Types and forms of large and small business organizations, and Government regulations.

       We will also be planning a class trip to an actual courtroom to observe the law in action.