• OLWEUS (pronounced: ol-vay-us) is the bullying prevention program used by Poland CSD to educate students about social and emotional issues and improve school climate and culture. Students are reminded, through OLWEUS, that bullying can be prevented by: 
    1) Being committed to not bully others.
    2) Helping students who are bullied.
    3) Trying to include students who are left out.
    4) Telling an adult at home and an adult at school when we know someone is being bullied.
    Poland CSD's initial OLWEUS "Kick-off" for the 2017-18 school year is on September 22. This event will include a guest speaker and a cooperative activity for students and departments.
    The OLWEUS theme for the 17-18 school year is
    My Best Self, including My Best Health when Poland raises awareness about health and wellness, and including My Best Future when Poland has a career celebration second semester. 

    Topics of focus for the 2017-2018 school year: 

    September     Building a Positive Classroom Climate Caring

    October          Self-Confidence / Self-Acceptance,  Respect

    November      Tolerance and Acceptance of Others /  Fairness

    Dec./Jan.       Good Choices & Decision-Making using a Growth mindset, Trustworthiness

    Feb./March    Perseverance/Overcoming Obstacles using a Growth

                           mindset, Responsibility

    April/May      Helping Others within the Community,  Citizenship

    Important dates/events to support Olweus and Character Education:

    September    Open Houses and Welcome back events (Connections with home)

    October         Olweus celebration event with Guest Speaker and training, Harvest Festival

    November     Music and Arts in our Lives (Bridges Arts Performers),

                          Parent Conferences (Connections with home)


    February       Wellness Day (Connections with community)

    April              Parent Conferences (Connections with home)


    Ongoing Class meetings PK-12: Weekly in grades PK-6,

    Class Meetings in grades 7-12: Twice Monthly scheduled by Principal

    All School assembly for grades K-4: Connections with  home/community