• PK-12 Special Education Office 



    Ms. Nancy Goodney is the Special Education office secretary.

    Mrs. Jessica Hartman is the Director of Special Education and oversees Specialized Instruction such as RTI.  Mrs. Hartman also serves as the Committee on Special Education (CSE) Chair Person.

    Ms. Herkel is the School Psychologist who conducts academic assessments, serves as the Pre-School Special Education (CPSE) Chair, and 504 Coordinator.

    Special Education Resources


    Procedural Safeguards 


    NYS Parent's Guide to Special Education


    Mid-State Early Childhood Direction Center





    Summer Work Days

    Days/hours may change depending on the needs of the special education office.

    Mrs. Hartman

    July 9

    July 15

    July 18

    July 30

    August 12  9 - 12

    August 26 - 29


    Mrs. Herkel

    July 9 - 10

    July 17- afternoon

    July 24

    July 30

    August 7 - 8

    August 14

    August 26 - 28