• Welcome to Miss Kraeger's Music Page

    For the 2022-2023 school year Miss Kraeger is teaching elementary general music for grades K, 1, 2, 4, & 5 and leading all of the choral ensembles - Cadet Chorus (5&6), Jr. Chorus (7&8), and Sr. Chorus (9-12).

    General music classes aim to be full of active, hands-on learning.

    We sing and move.

    We play musical instruments and practice basic music reading skills while learning about various elements of music. 

    General music classes occur once every 4 days and are 30 minutes long.


    Cadet Chorus rehearses once in each 4 day cycle for 40 minutes (A days, period 8, 12:38-1:18)

    Jr. & Sr. Chorus classes meet every other day for 40 minutes.  Students will also participate in lesson groups this year for 30 minutes every 6 school days.   (Jr. Chorus class is on A&C days period 7, 11:55-12:35. Sr. Chorus is on B&D days, period 1, 7:50-8:30. Sr. Chorus students who cannot come first period are part of Independent Study Sr. Chorus (IS). Participating in lessons meets thier requirement.)

    Our first concert is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13.