• Welcome to Miss Kraeger's Music Page

    Right now Miss Kraeger teaches elementary general music (K-5) and 6th grade general music as well as Jr. Chorus (grades 6-8) and Sr. Chorus (grade 9-12).


    General music classes aim to be full of active, hands-on learning.

    We sing and move.

    We play musical instruments and practice basic music reading skills, while learning about various elements of music. 

    General music classes occur once in the 4 days cycle and are 30 minutes long. 

    So far this year (September 21-November 21)....

    Primary Grades have played several simple melodies on glockenspiels. 
    We started with a melody that only uysed 3 different notes with steps and small skips. The music was written on a simple 2 line music staff. 
    Most recently we worked on playing a familiar melody 

    Intermediate Grades have just started becoming familiar with a piano keyboard. 
    Ask them to show you or explain how to play Part A and the Ending of the Knuckle Song. 

    6th Grade is just about to conclude thier unit that focused on the very begining of J. S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.
    They have learned how to play 3 'scary' phrases of music and some have even taken the challenge to learn the cadence that ends the introduction.  
    As part of this unit we also read a brief biography about the composer's life 300 years ago.


    Chorus classes meet every other day for 40 minutes.
    We have been actively preparing for our winter concert.