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    School tax bills will be mailed on August 30th; payment is due by September 30th.

    Beginning on September 1st, you may also view or print your own bill for payment.

     Click on the image to do so. The website taxlookup.net will also allow you to see when payment is applied.


    Payment by mail

    Checks should be made out to the POLAND CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT.

    Mail your check and your bill stub to:
    PO  BOX 2532
    BUFFALO, NY  14240-2531

    When paying by mail, please be sure
    1.   The payment stub is enclosed;
    2.   Your check or money order is signed, dated and written for the correct amount; and
    3.   Your tax map number (also called "section/block/lot number") is written on your check or money order.

    The date of payment will be determined by a United States Postal Service postmark.

    Any tax payment in an envelope without a U.S. Postal Service postmark will be considered paid on the date it is received by the school district. 


    A postage meter postmark does not determine the date of payment, nor does an envelope without a U.S. Postal Service postmark.

    Paying in person

    A taxpayer wishing to pay in person should call for an appointment (315) 826-0205 unless using the drop box in our main office lobby and not seeking a receipt.  A taxpayer may leave a payment in the drop box from 8 am - 3:45 pm. Our drop box is locked, but no cash payment should be made in the drop box.  The box is painted orange and identified with the image used on this page.  

    Late payments

    Tax bills paid after October 1st will begin to accumulate interest and penalties.

    A property owner who does not receive a school tax statement by mail is nevertheless subject to penalties on late payments as designated in Section 922 of New York State Real Property Tax Law.

    Also, under no circumstances can a school tax collector or other officials waive late penalties set in law.

    Other Resources

    Other resources are in the left margin. These will help you with a variety of contacts.