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Transportation Office

Contact Information:
Eric Taylor
Transportation Supervisor

Welcome to the Poland Central School Transportation Department section of the website. We have provided many resources that you will find on the menu to the left. Please take a moment to look around because there is valuable information for both parents and students available on the site.

Poland provides transportation for all students in grades K-12 who live within the Poland Central School District.  Please keep in mind that we can not travel on private or seasonal roads.

Our fleet of school buses includes 13 full-sized school buses and seven small buses. We travel more than 300,000 miles per year between regular home-to-school routes, out-of-district routes, sports trips and field trips. The Poland Central School District is 480 square miles in size, making it the second largest district in size in New York state.

Student safety is important for all of us. Our drivers and monitors attend safety training twice per year and provide school bus safety drills for students three times throughout the school year. It is also important that parents help teach and reinforce bus rules, safe riding practices and crossing procedures to help keep safety in the minds of our students.

We urge everyone in the community to join with us to ensure that we have an injury-free year for students. Please watch carefully for student pedestrians and stop when you see the flashing red lights on the buses.

Please make sure that your house number is easily visible on both sides of your mailbox and on the front of your house.  These numbers are very important for our drivers to identify addresses, especially when dropping off pre-k students.  We appreciate your help!


Daily Inspections

School bus maintenance begins with daily inspections. Every school bus driver is required by New York State and Federal law to complete an inspection of their vehicle before every school bus run. Every inspection is recorded in a daily vehicle inspection report that is required for every commercial vehicle on the road. Any defect that is discovered by the driver is then written in the daily vehicle inspection report, the bus is taken out of service and our team of mechanics then correct the defect before the bus is returned to service.

DOT Inspections

Just like taking your personal vehicle to the shop for an annual inspection, every school bus in New York State must undergo a New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection, not once, but twice per year. Inspectors from the NYSDOT travel to every school maintenance garage and perform inspections on every school bus. Each inspection checks the obvious items such as lights and tires, but other components such as brakes, driveline, exhaust, air brake systems, seats just to name a few are carefully inspected to DOT specifications. Each school is then given an annual passing rating for the number of busses passing inspection in their fleet. Poland Central School has received a 97% average passing rate for the past five years! This past 2017-2018 school year, Poland received a 100 percent passing rate.

Brake Inspections

When was the last time you had your brakes serviced? Did you wait until you heard a grinding noise, or the brake pedal had to be pressed almost to the floor? Every school bus has the brakes completely disassembled, inspected, cleaned, repaired broken components and reassembled every 12,000 miles! This inspection ensure reliable service when it is needed most. The typical large school bus weighs about 30,000 pounds and being able to stop in an emergency is critical especially when we are carrying such precious cargo such as your children.

School Bus Drills

School bus drills are required by New York State Education Law to be performed three times each school year. The first school bus drill is to be conducted during the first seven days of school, the second between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 and the third between March 1 and April 30.

Every school bus drill is more than simply a practice evacuation of the school bus. The rules on riding the school bus are reinforced during the school bus drill as well as instruction on the location, use and operation of the emergency doors, fire extinguishers, first aid equipment and windows as a means of escape in the case of fire or accident. Drills are also an opportunity to reinforce proper safe boarding and exiting procedures with emphasis on when and how to approach, board, disembark and move away from the bus after disembarking. Our school bus drivers also remind students how to safely cross in front of the bus. A detailed explanation of safe crossing procedures is found on the transportation homepage under “crossing procedures.”

All school bus drills are performed on school grounds during the students' physical education class and usually run approximately 10 to 15 minutes in length.