• September: Varsity Soccer Athletes of the Month

    September's Athlete of the Month is senior co-captain Austin Huckabone.  Austin is the son of Ricky and Melissa Huckabone.  The team has had a great month of competition, and Austin's play has a lot to do with this success.  His ability to beat defenders with his speed and dribbling skills has made him a threat in every game.  In addition, he has been valuable connecting passes with other offensive players around the goal.  His leadership ability has also been noticeable in his role as captain.  We are looking forward to his strong play in the second half of the season.  Congratulations, Austin!!!


    September's Athlete of the Month is senior captain Logan Cookinham.  Logan has scored 5 goals and has 10 assists at this point in the season.  She is a major leader for this girls' varsity team.  She has a very active role both defensively and offensively.  Her experience and skill will be a major factor in the team's success this season.  Congratulations, Logan!!!

  • October: X-Ctry Athletes of the Month

    October's Athlete of the Month is Stefania Grimaldi.  Stefania is the daughter of Kris and Joe Grimaldi of Deerfield.  Stefania is a senior and has been a terrific role model for the younger girls on the team.  She is truly a caring and responsible member of the school community.  Stefania ran her best race this year at our Home Meet with a 5th place overall finish and a time of 21:42.  Stefania still remains the "World Record Holder" for Hot Dog Tag!  Great job Stefania, you have been a pleasure to coach!


    October's Athlete of the Month is Nick Robinson.  Nick is the son of Amie and Andy Robinson of Ohio.  Nick is a senior and has been a tremendous leader on and off the course this year.  Nick set a personal record with a 7th place overall finish and a time of 18:49 at our Home Meet.  Nick has been instrumental in helping to foster a positive team culture.  Great job Nick, you have been a pleasure to coach!

  • November: Varsity Basketball Athletes of the Month

    November's Athlete of the Month is senior Owen Bennett.  As the varsity team looks to build on their experience from last year, Owen has been a great leader by example.  He was in attendance for every function we held during the summer, has been dedicated to working on his strength and skill set this off-season and has demonstrated great leadership skills during practice thus far.  He works extremely hard on the court, is passionate about the game of basketball and is a great teammate.  The basketball program is lucky to have a "team first" player like Owen Bennett!!! Congratulations Owen and keep up the good work.

    November's Athlete of the Month is sophomore Lily Martin.  Lily has shown outstanding effort in practice this season and has improved greatly during the off-season.  Her defensive effort and mindset stands out and she has also demonstrated a leadership role for her team.  She has also become more confident in her shooting and dribbling abilities.  Lily is going to be a major contributing factor to this season's success.  Congratulations Lily!!!


  • December: Varsity Cheer and Wrestling Athletes of the Month


  • January: Varsity Indoor Track & Field Athletes of the Month