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Poland eighth-graders Moving Up

July 10, 2019

Poland eighth-graders standing in the gym at the beginning of Moving Up Ceremony

Poland Central School District eighth-graders stand at the beginning of the Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony on June 24.

POLAND – As Poland Central School District eighth-graders recently participated in the Grade 8 Moving Up Ceremony, Principal Greg Cuthbertson encouraged them to make the most of their time in high school.

“I really hope that you look at it as an opportunity because that’s how I look at education – as an opportunity,” he said.

The 39 eighth-graders at Poland were recognized during the ceremony on June 24. Cuthbertson spoke to students along with guest speaker Keara Blumenstock, a Poland Class of 2019 graduate and Poland National Honor Society president.

Also as part of the ceremony, students received certificates, a slideshow was shown and Triple C awards were given to students Jerry Almas and Alana Nicotera for showing “courage, commitment and character.”

Cuthbertson’s comments including referencing a quote from Basketball Hall of Famer John Wooden: “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it over?”

Cuthbertson said time is the most valuable commodity.

“It’s priceless,” he said.

Blumenstock reflected on when she was moving into ninth grade. She encouraged students to participate in “fun” aspects of high school such as sports and clubs, to live life to the fullest and to hold onto their memories.

“Once again, I want to say congratulations and good luck on your next four years of high school,” she said.

Moving Up certificates were awarded to:

  • Jerry Almas

  • Logan Anna

  • Catalina Batista

  • Owen Bennett

  • Hannah Carnright

  • Logan Cookinham

  • Brett Dutcher Jr.

  • Stefania Grimaldi

  • Shelbi Hagues

  • Natalie Hobin

  • Austin Huckabone

  • Mark Hulbert

  • Allina Jacobs

  • Gavin Krauciunas

  • Blake Leigh

  • Hannah Lynch

  • Jolene Manipole

  • Forest Martin

  • Lilly McColley

  • Mason Morganstern

  • Alana Nicotera

  • Angelea Phillips

  • Aaron Pope Jr.

  • Morgan Potter

  • Chloe Roark

  • Nicholas Robinson

  • Jake Shannon

  • John Smith

  • Sydney Stewart

  • Sydney Tabor

  • Jackson Vail

  • Laila Vauruk

  • Maya Virgil

  • Seth Walther

  • Neal Waterman

  • Morgan Weigand

  • Quintin Weigand

  • Karlee Yost

  • Sarah Zuchowski