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Ready and excited for students - here's what to expect when you arrive

Sept. 4, 2019

After a summer of much construction work, here is what to expect when students return to campus tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 5.

PreK-5 students arriving on campus in the mornings may enter from the elementary parking area and wait with an aide in the library. 6-12 students may enter from the front of the school on the side of the tornado statue and wait with an aide in the Trzepacz Gym.

Students of all grade levels eating breakfast may go directly to the cafeteria. School breakfast begins at 7:35 a.m.

Parents visiting school should use the visitor parking spaces alongside the building. This will also put parents in closest proximity to the new main entrance, which is best illustrated in the photo images below:

The new main entrance with arrows diagraming where to go

Handicapped entrance with arrow where to go

New Main Entrance with arrow where to go

Parents and students will still sign in at school, but that location is now just inside the new main entrance, as seen below:

Inside main entrance with arrow for offices

New office space for Mrs. Rommel and Mrs. Miller came together very quickly in the past few days. Pictured below, they started moving in and getting ready for school in their new office space:

Mrs. Rommel and Mrs. Miller office space

Mrs. Watrous relocated to new office space near the new main entrance:

Mrs. Watrous office space from the hallway

Mrs. Watrous office space closer view

Grades 6-8 middle school math and science teachers will be working together in the same wing of the school, pictured here:

Hallway to middle school math and science with arrow

Middle school math and science wing

To strengthen the middle school program, the 6-8 English teachers are in classrooms closer to each other, and Mr. Harlander's technology program has moved to Room No. 2, pictured below:

Hallway view of Mr. Harlander's classroom door

Closeup view of Mr. Harlander's door and the classroom through the door window