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Poland, Herkimer second-grade pen pals meet for ‘The Polar Express’ celebration

Dec. 17, 2019

Poland and Herkimer second-graders pose with their teachers Heather Judd and Dawn McCumber

Students from the Poland and Herkimer school districts joined their pen pals from across schools for a holiday-themed day on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at Poland.

This is the 17th year that two friends, Poland teacher Heather Judd and Herkimer teacher Dawn McCumber, have paired their second-graders up as pen pals.

They hold a celebration based around “The Polar Express” in December at Poland and then a second get-together in the spring at Herkimer.

The holiday celebration includes a reading of “The Polar Express,” snacks, music, the movie and writing down and drawing a picture of what they would ask for if they could receive “the first gift of Christmas” like in “The Polar Express.”

The students are pictured above next to their pen pals, with Judd on the left and McCumber on the right.

More photos from the day will be posted at