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Wireless phones take on a different meaning during buddy reading activity

Teaching and learning under the pandemic has required educators to regularly rethink strategies that maintain classroom safety and also make learning fun.


Some of the strategies teachers have deployed use high tech delivery, like the District's 1:1 Chromebook initiative; some include new software applications like the one rolled out this week that provides students more accessibility to pdf files, and some of the strategies just reflect far simpler times.


October 2, the latter was true for students in Mrs. Craigs's third grade class. Craig, who has taken on a different role as a member of the third grade teaching team, worked with students to show them how to make a cup and string phone. Students used the devices to read stories while transferring the vibrations of their words across a distance.  What many parents and grandparents may recall as a game from yesteryear provided an opportunity for a socially-distanced buddy reading activity during ELA class and is sure to recreate some fun conversation at home.


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