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Poland graduate helps her mother’s class learn mindfulness techniques



 Sarahbeth Graulich speaking via video conference to Poland students

Poland Central School District Class of 2008 graduate Sarahbeth Graulich speaks via video conference on June 10 to students in the classroom of her mother, Poland fourth-grade teacher Tracy Graulich. Sarahbeth Graulich, who operates her own business as a lifestyle designer, holistic health coach and reiki practitioner, spoke to students about dealing with the nervousness that comes with doing something new and provided tips for staying calm. Sarahbeth Graulich said her job is to help people design a life they love living, and if anyone wants to learn more about what she does or see what services she offers, they can go to her website at



POLAND – Poland Central School District fourth-grade teacher Tracy Graulich recently utilized her daughter’s expertise in mindfulness techniques as a source for her and her students to learn helpful tips for staying calm and positive.

Graulich’s daughter is 2008 Poland graduate Sarahbeth Graulich, who operates her own business as a lifestyle designer, holistic health coach and reiki practitioner. Tracy Graulich invited her daughter to speak to her students via video conference on June 10, near the end of the school year, because she thought it would be beneficial to the fourth-graders in case they had any concerns about going into fifth grade.

“I am amazed at how much she impacted their young minds,” Tracy Graulich said. “I cannot thank her enough for those few small tricks or suggestions that she bestowed onto them.”

Sarahbeth Graulich said she talked to the students about the nervousness that comes with doing something new and how to have an easier transition into the next grade level. She also taught them a couple of practices they can use to calm their nerves if or when they arise.

“I hope they came away knowing that although newness is a part of life and it may be scary, that scared feeling doesn't have to overpower them,” Sarahbeth Graulich said. “They have the power to choose how they want to react to something, and they have practices to help themselves through any nerves they may feel – that even though they don't know how something is going to turn out, they can go into it with confidence and just do their best.”

Sarahbeth Graulich said she can relate to any students who might have worries about going to their next grade level.

“I was a nervous kid, especially when it came to new things, so I completely understood where they were coming from and was happy to help,” Sarahbeth Graulich said. “A lot of my coaching work actually focuses on helping people understand the power of choice because it's been instrumental in the way I calm my own nerves as an adult. So, I'm grateful to have been able to bring that teaching to these students, to help them feel less nervous about new things and give them practices that can help them through the rest of their life.”

Tracy Graulich’s students said the experience was helpful. Students discussed techniques they learned such as focusing on their breathing, talking to new people they meet and selecting objects as mental anchors such as their hand, a bracelet, a stress ball or a pencil. Another method Sarahbeth Graulich taught students was going to their “happy place,” which can be a real or imaginary location they can envision visiting to make themselves feel good, calm, safe and happy.

“Sarah taught me how to calm down better by going to my happy place, which is where I caught my first fish when I was 4 years old,” fourth-grader Bradley Hoffert said.

Fourth-grader Hailey Haver said learning about having a happy place to mentally go to was beneficial to her.

“This will help me by calming down when something stressful is happening,” she said.

Fourth-grader Alaina Meyer said she picked up some good tips from the experience.

“One thing that I learned was where my happy place was,” Alaina said. “She has helped me by teaching me how to calm down in tough situations.”