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Poland class makes stone soup as variation of Thanksgiving dinner


 Mrs. Hess and her first-grade students next to Stone Soup poster

Poland Central School District first-grade teacher Kathleen Hess and her students pose by a poster about how to make stone soup, based on the “Stone Soup” book, on Monday, Nov. 22, when they made their own stone soup in class. Additional photos will be posted on our Facebook page at



POLAND – Poland Central School District first-grade teacher Kathleen Hess continued a Thanksgiving-week tradition this year by making stone soup with her class.


Based on the story “Stone Soup,” you start with a stone in water, and students each add ingredients for the soup such as carrots and potatoes.


“It’s about helping each other and working together,” Hess said.


There isn’t a direct connection between the book and Thanksgiving, but the story of “Stone Soup” and Thanksgiving have a similar message, Hess said. That’s why she always makes stone soup with her students near Thanksgiving – as a different twist on a Thanksgiving feast.


The ingredients that students contributed were washed, prepped and chopped using plastic knives, and the stone soup was cooked and eaten on Monday, Nov. 22.


“Stone Soup” is about two travelers who add water and a stone to a pot and convince others to contribute ingredients to the soup until everyone is able to enjoy a collaborative meal.


“It’s kind of a nice story,” Hess said. “It has a nice meaning.”