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Elementary students recognized during final 2021-22 PPP Assemblies


 Principal Greg Cuthbertson and second-grader Ella Nebush shake hands during award ceremony

Poland Central School District second-grader Ella Nebush receives a PPP Award from Poland Principal Greg Cuthbertson during a PPP Assembly on Wednesday, June 22. For more pictures including group photos of the student award winners, visit



POLAND – During the last PPP Assemblies of the school year, Poland Central School District Principal Greg Cuthbertson encouraged students to continue learning over the summer by remembering to pick up a book or practice math facts.


“Please, please have a safe, healthy summer, but the other thing is make sure to continue to learn,” he said. “Have fun, but continue to learn.”


The PPP Assemblies, which honor elementary students with awards that connect to the school motto of “prepared, productive and proud,” took place on Wednesday, June 22. One assembly was held for kindergarten through second grade, and another one was held for third grade through fifth grade.


During the second assembly, Cuthbertson spoke specifically to fifth-graders.


“I hope that when you get to middle school, you will remember these assemblies,” he said.


Cuthbertson said the PPP Assemblies are about building character, and the fifth-graders will have more independence next school year while in middle school.


“I like to say your character is what you do when people aren’t watching you,” he said.


Cuthbertson also repeated his message from the first assembly about the importance of not only having a safe, fun summer but also continuing to learn.


“It’s only going to help you when you come back in the fall,” he said.


Individual student awards


Special Awards:


Students won several special awards that aren’t normally given out at every PPP Assembly:

  • Constance and JP Barnard Memorial Certificates:
    • Hailey Haver
    • Brielle Schrader
  • Herkimer Diamond Mines Rock, Gem and STEAM Camp 2022 Recipient:
    • Baylee Mowers
  • Triple C Awards:
    • Luci Virgil
    • Brielle Schrader
  • New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli Student Achievement Awards:
    • Bradley Hoffert
    • Hailey Haver


Design a Badge Awards:


Students received Design A Badge Awards for winning a contest arranged by Herkimer County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Heather DuPont, the Poland safety patrol officer. The students chosen for creating the best badge designs received coupons for a free ice cream cone from Stewart’s Shops:

  • Peyton Pomichter

  • Lucas O'Rourke

  • Cullen Lachut

  • Aaliyah Rinaman

  • Rowan Pritchard


PPP Awards:


Students received PPP Awards for showing strong character in line with the school’s “prepared, productive and proud” motto:

  • Julie Dutcher’s kindergarten class: Abigail Pullen and Ava Vauruk

  • Carrie Roark’s kindergarten class: Noah Bidwell and Dylan O’Connor

  • Sarah Barron’s first-grade class: Sadie Carnright and Paisley Lawson

  • Kathleen Hess’s first-grade class: Peighton Greiner and Ryan Spellman

  • Christina Kress’s first-grade class: Gwendlyn Martin and Declan Douglas

  • Patricia Linneen’s first-grade class: Marlee Roark and Sophie Sudol

  • Michelle Garrett’s second-grade class: Gianna Pascarella and Raine Loveless

  • Rachel Hitt’s second-grade class: Ella Nebush and Tucker Lawson

  • Heather Judd’s second-grade class: Annalyce LaSalle and Landon Polhamus

  • Barbara Brinck’s third-grade class: Wyatt Cowan and Brayden Coveny

  • Maria DeIorio’s third-grade class: Aubrey Tabor and Mason Earl

  • Cheryl Gorinshek’s third-grade class: Devin Morrison and Noah Citrin

  • Tracy Graulich’s fourth-grade class: Grant Roark and Anndalynn Dillow

  • Lori Seymour’s fourth-grade class: Catianne Carnright and Bryce Michaud

  • Elizabeth Lepper’s fourth-grade class: Ava Klein and Bradley Beyel

  • John Allen’s fifth-grade: Braden Haver and Ella Humphrey

  • Todd Manley’s fifth-grade class: Chloe Burns and Connor Livziey


Eye of the Tornado Awards:


Eye of the Tornado Awards were presented to students who have done something above and beyond that a staff member witnessed:

  • Ella Hartmann

  • Keith Lindsay

  • Jeremiah Potter

  • Logan Theilmann

  • Skyler Zumpano

  • Alexander Beck

  • Jackson Bell

  • Eric Bowles IV

  • Riley Cameron

  • Sydney Dodge

  • Jackson Hart

  • Owen Hines

  • Gavin Horan

  • Reeghan Layton

  • Addyson Linneen

  • Charlee Moorhead

  • Emma Muller

  • Jayden Pawlikowski

  • Brooke Potter

  • Aidan Shannon


Safe Rider Awards:


Safe Rider Awards were given to students for good behavior while riding the bus:

  • Maggie Croote

  • Lucas Erb

  • Ella Hartmann

  • Gianna Wheatley

  • Reese Beyel

  • Connor Comstock

  • Fawn Lonis

  • Claire Burns

  • Noah Bidwell

  • Hannah Lubeck


Safe Walker Awards:


Safe Walker Awards were given to students for good behavior walking to and from school:

  • Ava Vauruk

  • Hunter Hoffert

  • Avery Allen

  • Gianni Bruni

  • Alexa Bruni

  • Farrah Goodney


Star Awards:


Students received Star Awards for mathematics and English language arts – either for achieving the highest scores or for showing improvement:

  • Willow Przelski

  • Carson Ozog

  • Michael Atwell

  • Abigail Pullen

  • Brynn Dutcher

  • Sadie Carnright

  • Addison Graves

  • Lucas O’Rourke

  • Wyatt Lee

  • Skyler Zumpano

  • Elijah Beck

  • Declan Douglas

  • Brooke Lubeck

  • Dakota Leigh

  • Abrielle Crouse

  • Brody Ashton

  • Ella Nebush (x2)

  • Avery Allen

  • Gracie Nightingale (x2)

  • Brynn Haas

  • Eva Miazga

  • Nicholas Lawson

  • Jack Meyer

  • Gianna Wheatley (x2)

  • Autumn Santamour

  • Harper Bell

  • Cristovao da Silva Kostora

  • Landon Polhamus

  • Alexis Roark

  • Adalynn Falchi (x2)

  • Ryan Nebush (x2)

  • Sophia Braunlich

  • Esther Vauruk

  • Ella Przelski

  • Brayden Hines

  • Abigail Lawson

  • Liam Miazga

  • Aidan Bidwell

  • Harper Lachut

  • Marcella Lawson

  • Fawn Lonis

  • Mackenzie Lee

  • Matthew Nebush

  • Lillie Hunt

  • Brayden Leone

  • Amara Warney

  • Eric Bowles IV

  • Colin Smithson

  • Alexa Bruni

  • Reegan Layton (x2)

  • Charlee Moorhead

  • Jayden Pawlikowski

  • Kyle Mercer

  • Landon Salvatore

  • Mia Beauregard

  • Isabelle Falchi

  • Charlene Burns (x2)

  • Xander Hart

  • Brielle Schrader

  • Emma Muller

  • Jayme McCaig

  • Aviana Votra

  • Chloe Burns


Class awards


Behavior during lunchtime, while in the hallway and when attending classes taught by other teachers is recognized with homeroom awards. The class receiving the Golden Spatula Award for lunchtime behavior gets to keep a golden spatula until the next PPP Assembly.


The winning class awards are listed below:


Golden Spatula Award: 

  • Mrs. Kress’s class


Art Award:

  • Mrs. Garrett’s class

  • Miss Hitt’s class


Library Award: 

  • Mrs. Hess’s class

  • Mrs. Brinck’s class


Music Award: 

  • Ms. Barron’s class

  • Mrs. Graulich’s class


Physical Education Award: 

  • Mrs. Kress’s class

  • Mrs. Brinck’s class


Single File Award: 

  • Mrs. Roark’s class

  • Mrs. Seymour’s class


Social-Emotional Learning Award:

  • Mrs. Linneen’s class

  • Mrs. Graulich’s class