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PCS congratulates retirees Nancy Goodney, Rosanne Ozog

 Retirees Nancy Goodney and Rosanne Ozog holding plaques from the Board of Education

On the left: Now-retired Committee on Special Education secretary Nancy Goodney holds a plaque from the Board of Education. On the right: Now-retired school nurse Rosanne Ozog holds her plaque from the Board of Education.



Poland Central School District congratulates Committee on Special Education secretary Nancy Goodney and school nurse Rosanne Ozog on their recent retirements!

When asked about their experiences with the district and expectations for retirement, Goodney and Ozog shared their joys and plans.


Nancy Goodney:

“I have worked at Poland CSD since 2008 when I was hired as an aide. I moved to the position of CSE secretary when it became available in December of 2010. From the start, Mrs. Dutton and her staff have been a joy to work with, and that is what I will miss most. Now, I look forward to having much more time to spend with family and on my hobbies.”


Rosanne Ozog:

“I have worked at Poland Central School as the school nurse for 28 years. During my career here, I was a member of the Poland Booster Club for many years, holding the position of secretary for a few years. I started scorekeeping for the boys and girls basketball teams when my children were on the teams and have continued through this last season. I also was scorekeeper for the boys soccer team when my grandson played recently and have chaperoned cross country meets, basketball games and baseball games. I have been a member of NYSASN, NASN and School Nurse Network for years. I would like to thank all the wonderful staff members and administration (past and present) for the fond memories I have of working here at PCS! I have gotten to know tons of people – students, parents, community members, health care professionals and more. Now, I will pursue retirement to enjoy my family, exercising, hobbies, the outdoors and everything I have!”