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Honor society program planned, led by elected officers

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POLAND – Poland Central School District recently inducted three students into the National Honor Society, Kuyahoora Chapter.

Attendees at the evening program on Monday, Oct. 24, included current members of Honor Society new inductees, Kuyahoora Chapter Advisors Janice Watrous and Teri Zuchowski, parents, family, and special guests. Traditionally, district inductees request an impactful Poland employee  attend the ceremony as a special guest.


Elected Honor Society leaders develop and lead the program. Accordingly, Kuyahoora Chapter President, Seth Walther, invited attendees to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance  and provided opening remarks. “Students being inducted not  only have a strong academic foundation, but have shown student leadership throughout school-wide organizations. National Honor Society serves our school and community through service projects, community fundraisers, and members being school role models,” he said. “We are excited to add new members to continue our important work and demonstrate the four qualities of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.”


Walther’s remarks were expanded upon by his fellow Honor Society officers' words.  Jerry Almas, Shelbi Hagues, and Gavin Krauciunas joined Walther at the podium to speak about the four pillars of membership.

Within his remarks, Almas noted “Scholarship denotes a commitment to learning.” Hagues explained that “Service can be established in the routine of the day’s work where many opportunities arise to help others both at school and in the community.” Walther shared that “Leadership  is always needed; thus, leading is a meaningful and substantive charge for each of our members.” Krauciunas said “Character is the force within the individual that distinguishes each person from others. Character is achieved and not received.”


As each officer finished speaking,the student lit a candle. The four candles collectively represented the eternal light of knowledge and were used to light candles held by members as the oath of membership was pledged and certificates were issued to newest members.


Once induction was made, advisors Watrous and Zuchowski presented blue and gold cords and honor tassels to be worn at commencement in June 2023.

New members inducted at the program were:
 Luke Malin
 Emily Satterlee
 Emma Taylor

Seniors receiving a cord and tassel were:
 Jerry Almas
 Logan Cookinham
 Shelbi Hagues
 Natalie Hobin
 Gavin Krauciunas
 Laila Vauruk
 Maya Virgil
 Seth Walther
 Quintin Weigand
 Sarah Zuchowski