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A tradition returns as students attend Math Family Fun Night

Approximately 70 Poland students, in Pre-K through fifth grade, attended Math Family Fun Night on Oct. 18.


The students and their families were able to explore stations in the cafeteria and gymnasium that demonstrated the fun that can be had using math.


The night had taken a back seat due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fourth grade teacher Tracy Graulich helped lead the event and was truly surprised at the turn out.


"I wondered how many families would come out, after school hours, to an event that hadn’t been around for a few years,"  said Graulich.


Graulich’s daughters attended the event many years ago and she said to see the parents attend on this night really brought it full circle.


“Many of the parents attending were students when my girls went to Poland. I was happy to see them return and take part in the event to carry on a tradition that was started many years ago," Graulich stated. 


There were more than 30 stations available for families. Some of the favorites included: 


PreK-K - Spider Spin

Grades 1-2 - Addition Bowling

Grades 3-5 - Blues by Numbers (hosted by Mr. Brown)


There was a contest at the Best Estimator station that incorporated estimation.  The winners were:


Best Estimator K-2 

                               Jar A=Annabella da Silva- Dutcher’s- 90 block when it was 93 blocks

                               Jar B=tie-Mason Meeker-Schmid-string length 

                               Jar B=tie-Wyatt Topham-Mrs. Linneen-string length 

                               Jar C=Henry Harter-Ms. Allen’s- 400 when it was 499


Best Estimator 3-5 

                              Jar A= Skyler Mrs. Potempa’s- 240 pages  when it was 247

                              Jar B=Giovanni Carcone-Mrs. Potempa’s-163cm when it was 162cm

                              Jar C= Marcella Lawson-Mr. Allen’s- 96 blocks when it was 95


While walking around the cafeteria, the excitement about the event could be heard.  One parent said to their child, “See, I told you you would have fun!” 


Graulich thanked the Pre-K through fifth grade teachers, specials teachers, assistants, aides, the custodial staff, the Poland Parent Support Group and the students' parents for helping make the event possible.