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Teachers, students take next step in learning with classroom ViewSonic displays

Science teacher Derek Bowen uses a ViewSonic display in class.
Science teacher Derek Bowen uses a ViewSonic display in class. 


Teachers and students have the advantage of using new technology to teach and learn in the Poland Central School District.


Nearly 40 ViewSonic display boards were installed in classrooms during the final weeks of summer 2023. The monitors help teachers share lessons with students in a more interactive way. The monitors also provide new opportunities to incorporate the technology into lessons.


Teachers received training from Instructional Specialist, Brittany Harvey, of the Mohawk Regional Information Center (MORIC) at the beginning of the school year and have opportunities to seek ongoing support.


“As we grow in using these devices, we trust we will all benefit and especially our students,” said Oleg Verenich, the educational technology leader with the MORIC.  Verenich helped oversee the installation of the system.


The monitors are used at all grade levels and in a variety of subjects. Teachers can demonstrate lessons with interactive instruction.


“The technology has been a huge help in teaching. It has made a world of difference,” said art teacher Emily Dusart.


When teaching art techniques, Dusart said the monitors allow her to show students the techniques in high quality so the whole class can see the lesson.


The monitors also allow students to present projects to the entire class.


The funding source for the new technology was the New York State Smart Schools Bond Act passed in 2014-15 which issued general obligation funds to improve technology.


Districts seeking to access the nonpublic loan amount were required to develop a Smart Schools Investment Plan. Poland’s application primarily fell into the spending category of classroom learning. Each teacher equipped with a ViewBoard also received a classroom mobile device (laptop) and docking station. Rolling out two new devices was an intentional design to ensure optimal capability.


“The laptops have increased flexibility for teachers and the interactive whiteboards have expanded instructional capabilities for all our programs,“ said Superintendent of Schools Laura Dutton. “Employees across many departments were essential to the whole vision.  Our facilities team worked closely with MORIC employees to ensure a swift installation at the end of summer. Teachers have adapted to using the technology very rapidly. The end result is our students having the best opportunity to learn and succeed.”