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Students honored at PPP assembly for second marking period of 2023-24 school year


On. Feb. 2, Prepared, Productive and Proud awards were presented to students in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade for their work inside and outside the classroom during the second marking period.


Elementary principal Renee Morrison highlighted students for growing into great citizens, being kind and being good role models. She also thanked faculty and staff for preparing the students to learn.  


Special education administrator Courtney Johnston helped distribute certificates to students.


Two new awards were also bestowed to students - Artist of the Quarter and Musician of the Quarter. The recipients were selected by art teacher Alison Faggiano and music teacher Margaret Kraeger respectively. The awards are given to students who have a great attitude inside and outside the classrooms and perform well in the subjects.


School resource officer Heather DuPont helped hand out the Safe Walker awards, which are for students who demonstrate safe walking while headed to school.


Other awards presented at the assembly include perfect attendance, being safe riders on the school bus, being safe walkers and being kind to others.


“Eye of the Tornado” awards were also earned by students who show exemplary behavior and go above and beyond the call for kindness..  


The “Golden Spatula” is presented to the class with the best behavior in the lunchroom.


The full list of awards is below:


PPP awards

Connor Anna

Michael Atwell

Brooklynn Barnard

Riley Brenning

Cassidy Brenning

Caleb Burns 

Wyatt Clemens

Abrielle Crouse

Shane Dam

Neala Douglass 

Brynn Dutcher 

Adalynn Falchi

Chase Gokey 

Faith Guyer

Raelyn Hampel 

Harper Lachut

Marcella Lawson

Aidan Leigh

Keith Lindsay

Brooke Lubeck

Brayden Malecki

Keegan O'Rourke

Lilly Planck

Peyton Pomichter

Vivienne Riecker

Klayton Roark

Marlee Roark

Alexis Roark

Hunter Rommel

Brooks Stevener

Esther Vauruk

Chloe Warney



Perfect attendance

Elijah Beck 

Cassidy Brenning 

Gianni Bruni

Mason Burgess 

Wesley Bushinger

Logan Clark

Abrielle Crouse 

Lucas Erb

Adalynn Falchi

Joshua Guyer

Eva Miazga

Owen Muller

Dylan O'Connor

Josiah Pope

Easton Potempa

Vivienne Riecker

Alexis Roark

Gwenevere Smithson

Ronan Taylor

Walker Tyson 


Eye of the Tornado

Reese Beyel 

Sadie Carnright 

Logan Clark 

Mia Colegrove

Brayden Coveny 

Mason Cowan 

Dominick DeSiato

Ophelia Horne

Hunter LaSalle

Keith Lindsay 

Ella Prezelski 

Alexis Roark 

Seiler Salvatore

Zachary Towndrow

Esther Vauruk 


Safe walker

Sophia Braunlich 

Logan Clark

Wyatt Clemens

Brynlee Gookins

Brayden Malecki

Alexander Topham


Safe rider

Garrett Bussey 

Johnathan Colegrove

Avery Lawson 

Wyatt Lawson

Aidan Leigh

Liam Miazga 

Noah Nightingale 

Autumn Santamour

Walker Tyson


Golden Spatula Award

Mrs. Graulich’s 4th grade class


Single File Award

Mrs. Dutcher’s Kindergarten class

Mrs. Brinck’s 3rd grade class



Mrs. Judd’s 2nd grade class

Mrs. Seymour’s 4th grade class


Artist of the Quarter

Brooke Potter



Mrs. Dutcher’s Kindergarten class

Mrs. Potempa’s 3rd grade class


Musician of the Quarter

Jagger Foster


Physical Education

Mrs. Roark’s Kindergarten class

Mrs. Graulich’s 4th grade class



Mrs. Dutcher’s Kindergarten class

Mrs. Graulich’s 4th grade class



Mrs. Linneen’s 1st grade class

Mrs. Lepper’s 4th grade class