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Families enjoy return of Science Family Fun Night




Science Family Fun Night returned for Poland Central School District families on Feb. 28.


The weather may have hindered some of the participants from venturing out, but for the approximately 32 students, along with their chaperones, that braved the storms, they seemed to enjoy the evening.


Much like the Math Family Fun Night, Science Family Fun Night has not been seen since 2019 due to the COVID- 19 pandemic.


Fourth grade teacher Tracy Graulich has been the event’s coordinator for many years and wondered what kind of turn out she would have.


“I was so pleased to see that the cafeteria was ‘exploding’ with excitement over the experiments that the students and their chaperones went through,” said Mrs. Graulich. 


“I wondered if any families would come out with the weather and power outages that was going on around us,” Graulich said.  “But with the 32 plus students representing grades 3-5, who turned out for the event made me very happy.”


There were approximately 30 stations in the cafeteria with sign-ins starting in the Trzepacz Gym. 


The experiment that was the favorite for the evening was the Oobleck station. Oobleck is a mixture of a solid (corn starch) suspended in a liquid (water.) Oobleck behaves like a solid when force is acted on it quickly. This is because the pressure forces all the particles of corn starch together and they behave like a solid.


Later in the evening, Mrs. Graulich had attendees join her in the gym for some magical science tricks. Students from the audience participated as her lab partners.


She showed how polymers can expand creating the sense that water has disappeared, what the Bernoulli principle is using the atmosphere around her to blow up a windsock, a demonstration about open/closed circuits using students joining hands, and finally how hydrophobic sand is afraid of water.